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Anorexia Symptoms and Treatment

January 17, 2011 by No Comments »
Anorexia is something that many people suffer from, the most common target is teenage girls, however adult women as well as men are known to have the disorder as well. Just what is anorexia? The person who has anorexia is obsessed with their weight, they may watch what they eat, strictly concerned with the calorie intake of each item. They may also pick at their food, not eating hardly anything and will more than likely skip meals frequently.
There are many symptoms that you may notice if someone has anorexia. For example, they may refuse to eat in public in fear of appearing as if they are fat and eat all the time. In addition, you may notice that the person begins to lose an incredible amount of weight, but still thinks that they are fat. They also may distribute a shortness of breath or their hair may become brittle and lack shine.
There is no concrete reason as to why some people develop anorexia while others don’t. However, many people have linked low self-esteem and peer pressure as to reasons why this could possibly happen to some people and not to others. The treatment for anorexia will depend upon how severe the anorexia is. Some people only require a doctor visit and then a proper diet. However, those who have been anorexic for a while have to be hospitalized. This is due to the fact that they have significant mineral and bone loss that could lead to organs not functioning properly. These people are kept in order to make sure that the person gains weight normally.
Those who have had anorexia will more than likely attend therapy for quite some time in order to make sure that they do not lapse back into the illness. Overall, anorexia is a serious illness and one that plagues the nation at an alarming rate. If you or someone you know has the symptoms for anorexia, it is important that you seek medical help before the situation worsens.